Why The Name Pacemaker Blog

Today I would like to explain why I named my blog Pacemaker.  But before I get to it, let me start by explaining why I didn’t name the website that name. The website name Pacemaker Blog was taken. And after playing with the name I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the variations. That’s why I decided to use my name.


Also because I thought in case I decided to do any kind of business I would already have a website with my name. My name is short enough and easy to remember. It makes sense to use it. Not what you usually found when searching for a blog. I know. But, I had to feel comfortable with the name and not make changes later.


Being A Pace-maker

The name Pacemaker came as a joke. One night while talking with my husband and son, I said: “I’m a Pace baby making machine”. Since I had “made” the twins. To which my husband replied: “You are a Pace-maker indeed”. And from that night on, I added a new nickname to my collection: Pacemaker.


When I was thinking about a name for my blog, I wanted something that could represent who I am and also that my readers, you, could relate to as well. Many names came to my mind. My husband started playing jokingly with my nicknames. Then, serendipity, Pacemaker seems fitting.


It just made sense, to me at least. It uses my last name. Pace also means consistent and continuous speed in walking, running, or moving (thanks Google). Consistent and continuous speed in moving? Hmm, interesting. One of my strongest belief is that we are in no race against anybody but with ourselves. We have to keep going forward, at our own pace. So there, using Pacemaker as the name of the blog was ideal.


When I do a Google search all that comes up are the heart pacemakers. Well in some way that was good, it was going to be easy to find my blog.  It didn’t bother me that it would be confusing that I will be talking about heart pacemakers. In fact, I should, because even love comes to our lives at its own pace.


Developing A Pace

Now that I had established a name and I knew what I wanted to talk about I needed to start doing the “hard work”. The writing, I mean. I have talked previously about my writing here. But now, let me tell you that the first step is the hardest. Once you are out into the world, for good or for bad, it gets easier to start finding your voice.


I’m still in that phase. I had an idea and without much thinking, I went head first. Along the way, I’m learning about it. Good idea? Bad idea? It doesn’t really matter. I started and that motivates me to keep going.


One day reading a book called University Of Success by Og Mandino, I read what he title “Your Pacemaker”. You can read it on the Home Page. He starts with “Let your self-image be the pacemaker of your heart, your mind, and soul.” For me, it was another sign. Every one of us has to overcome struggles and obstacles in life. The way we deal with them is a reflection of our attitude. We have a choice. It is in our hands which way we want our life to go.


Determining our pace in life is essential. It doesn’t matter the speed as long as it is constant. Just like the marathon runners. They go at their own pace and when they are ready for the sprint they give it all. Once again, the name seems fitting to what my goal for the blog is: Encourage people to go after their dreams and goals, despite the obstacles/struggles/limitations life throws at them.


Og finishes his thought with: “Belief, belief in yourself, that is the best pacemaker of all.”  Words to live by as we tend to underestimate our strength most of the times. Find your self, look for your belief (spirituality), embrace it and put it to work or better said, work on it. Don’t allow it to go dormant.



Pace Out


The word pace comes from the Latin pax meaning “in peace”. In other words, Peace Out. Now, let me rephrase it: Be at peace with yourself and give peace. Accepting our own limitations and working around them not only requires maturity but also a consciousness. Let the little things matter in your life, at the end all will add up. It is the drop that fills the glass over time. The perseverance and a constant pace are what will make the difference.


Lastly, the word of God calls us to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). If you are a believer, this a word to live by. We are called to live like Jesus. And Jesus was a peacemaker, The Peacemaker. Not an easy task to accomplish in our mortal self, but with him by our side, we can (Psalm 118:6). He gave us the tools, His word. Making peace is spreading His word and teachings (2 Cor. 5:18-20). Living a life where our actions are the reflections of His (Romans 12: 1-2).



For my blog, I can only keep working on it. Making one post at the time. Hoping that it will bring value to someone’s life and that it will make a difference. Sharing my experiences and thoughts, because after all what good do they make being kept quiet. Let’s learn together, let share our stories, let be pacemakers!


Pace out! (wink, wink)







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