Take Care Of Yourself

Usually, we do not take good care of ourselves. We leave ourselves for last. If you are a mom reading this, please take care of yourself. You are important to your family. They need you. That’s why is important for you to improve your self-esteem. Scratching your head? Yes, self-esteem and taking care of yourself are in a direct relationship.

Me First Is Not Selfish

Being a mom, whether you work outside the house or you stay at home, is hard. We can agree on that. Both sides have pros and cons. At the end, both put pressure on the main character. Mom. Mom playing in the role of superhero starts to forget she has her own needs. At the end, this causes a burnout.

As moms, we need to take breaks and have time for ourselves for the sake of everyone in the household. Think of your mighty phone, at the end of an extremely overuse day we need to charge it. After a good charge, it is ready to give us several hours of service again. The same thing with us, we need time for us. Time to unplug ourselves from all the craziness of our days.

This unplugging could be in the form of giving ourselves time to workout, to meet with friends, to go have a mani and pedi or better yet a spa. We might think those as frugal things, for which we do not have time but also in some instances not enough money to do them. I get it. I have been there. Holding the fort because I felt I have to do it or I wouldn’t be doing my “job”.  It could be as simple as taking time to take a nap or to read a book. You just need to unplug from your routine and take that time to relax. For me, even something we take for granted as bath time is me-time and I enjoy it very much.

When we take a step back and enjoy some time for ourselves, we “charge” ourselves with new energy. Which at the end will benefit the people we love, our family. We will be doing a better “job” and accomplish more. So don’t be afraid of taking some time off.

So where does the self-esteem part comes in?

The example we teach our children when we take care of ourselves is a healthy self-esteem. If we don’t, they would grow up relating that in order to show love and do things we don’t need to stop and recharge. That it’s ok to be exhausted. We will show them that a mom drained out of her energy and with mood swings because she doesn’t take a break is the way it has to be.

Think about that! Remember that they absorb like sponges whatever we do. They learn by example. So let’s teach them well. That it’s ok to take care of ourselves for them because we love them. Let’s teach them that is ok for mom to go out with her friends or to a spa day without the family. Or simply, that let’s teach them that letting mommy take a nap for an hour is showing her love.

Let’s raise children with a healthy self-esteem that will allow them to take a step back and recharge, moreover let’s teach them to have empathy to allow them to share it with others. 

Remember that taking care of you is taking care of them.


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  1. Love that you highlight self-esteem! Self-esteem leads to self-confidence, which leads to success! Self-esteem is so important. I have been working on this for too many years.

    1. It is, we need to care for it. But should not be confused with ego. It is a constant work, so you are not alone working on it.

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