Rambling of a Sleep Deprived Mom

Six am welcomed me on the couch with my baby boy on top of me, he was a little fuzzy and likes to sleep in mommy’s arms. Cozied up baby boy in his crib. My bed here I come. The idea of getting to stretch on my bed for a few minutes sound like a wonderful idea. Until an “ooohhh” from my baby girl burst my bubble of thought. No more sleep for me.


My eyes cross while attempting to make coffee. The smell of the fresh brew brings my spirit up. Smile. For a moment the tiredness is lifted from me. I give my baby girl my attention. Diaper change, breakfast, do a little clean-up here and there. Baby boy is awake now, the same routine. Diaper change, breakfast, morning love.


Rest of the household is awake and let the morning madness begin. Breakfast, clean-up, small talk, listen to the news, more small talk, weather watch, traffic watch. Goodbyes.


Not even 8 am and I want to go to bed. My son is talking about something, can’t pay attention. By now the lack of sleep hits hard. Coffee is not helping. Maybe I need more. Is this the third cup? Nah, there’s no such thing as too much coffee. Ok, son, tell me again I’m going to pay attention this time.


Hey, we need to do school work. Come on now, before it’s late. Kids need mommy again. An hour later finds me still playing – with the three of them. Nowadays, hide and seek is a family affair. Hiding in plain sight is taken literally and seems to be a hit with the twins.


Son starts school work and the twins are taking their snack. Maybe now I can fit in a little work on my blog. Coffee by my side. Trying to focused on the task ahead. On 3 hours of sleep, my brain can’t function properly. Although my mind has thoughts and words to say, the capability to order them in a way that makes sense seems almost impossible. I start talking to myself, to keep me awake. Not that I’m weird, nah! (Wink, wink)


While the kids are playing and not needing my presence. I try to catch up on reading emails, making notes, adding comments to my new addiction, sipping coffee, answering phone calls. Oh wait, I need to pay a bill. Insert elevator music here. Now, one is poop. No! Both of them. And since I’m there, let’s play again.


More coffee is needed. Which got me thinking (Oh noooo she’s thinking again!!) did I shot my long-acting insulin this morning? I know I did the other one because there a bruise on my stomach as a reminder. Anyway, is time for their nap. Perhaps I can take one too.Wishful thinking.


After doing our nap ritual. They are in their cribs. Ahhhh peace and quiet for a moment for me.. Yeayyy. Could it be possible to get some work done? Help son with World History. Geez, studying the world got my brain tired… more coffee? Yes, please!

Ok, can I squeeze 30 minutes – power minutes? Let’s find out. 10 minutes in… they are awake. What is wrong with time, need to slow down. And I hear the mom, mom, mom, mommmm! From my son. Help with Science. Awwwww!!!!! Twins need attention. Feed babies. Can we just sit down for a moment or two? Have some mercy, please. Lunchtime.


Frozen on the tv and I found myself acting as a couch on the floor. Can I play with my phone now? Maybe they won’t even notice. He he he. Nope, not happening. Oh look the mail came. I go out to get it. OMG, it’s freeeeeezing. I’m expecting my Snail Mail to come, but not today. Baby books came.  The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck by Laura Murray. One time. Two. Three. Ok no more. My voice is feeling raspy.


Need to prepare dinner. But before that, get them some snacks and maybe I can write a little. Perhaps this is just a verbose blog post from a mom – wannabe writer- on 3 hours of night sleep and lots of coffee talking about of non-stop mommy day. But for me… a success. And now, dinner and more coffee.


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  1. Seems to me like there are a lot of small successes in there. When do you ever get enough sleep?
    Brings to mind an old song called “Runnin’ on Empty”. Back then it was all about cars and route 66.
    Congrats on getting another post done. My life is nowhere near as hectic as yours and I still find it a “challenge”.
    Blog on!

    1. Thank you Doug! Almost never, besides the twins and my Diabetes acting up I spend my nights quieting my mind writing nonsense or just “day dreaming”. Cheers to another day of writing!

    1. Hey Sharon! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you too! Things have been improving since I wrote this piece. Thanks for reading.

  2. Sleep for 3 hours a day actually is not enough, and I am just like you, but being a mom with little kids there always an extra energy to keep up with all the routines. so the little amount of sleep time doesn’t matter if everyone is healthy, at least that is for my situation here. Happy Mother Day for you!

  3. I’m not a mom yet or sleep deprived but can totally see myself thinking similar things! Hoping you find your rhythm in life and improvise as needed! =)

  4. The day-to-day responsibilities of mom are never ending! Always laundry to wash, a spill to mop up, a meal to prepare, a book to read, a diaper to change… The list could go on. Time management is a challenge at times, but motherhood is a blessing! Happy Mother’s Day!

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