It’s Never Late for a New Start

As cliché as it sounds, every January 1st is a blank page for us, a new beginning, a new start. I won’t make this post about New Year’s resolutions, no, instead I want to motivate you to make a change in mind. To take action to what is burning in your heart.

Society make-up “laws”, “regulations”, or whatever you want to call it, about how we are supposed to live our lives and how are we supposed to be at a certain time in life has us all stressed out and comparing ourselves to our peers. We live in a rat race, chasing dreams that are not ours. Chasings dreams that are not ours, let that sink for a little bit. You were born and started learning, went to school, college and off to the workforce. Why? Because that’s how it’s supposed to be. According to who?


The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.” ~ Albert Einstein


New Order

The system is so fierce that it convinces us that we are to live life in a particular way. Now, we have seen several examples of men and women along the way that have “broken” the rules and have had success in doing so. Why? Becuase they have followed their passion. They broke free from the system and started a new one that worked for them. I am not telling you to drop everything and start a new life. You know if you should do it or not. You can feel that fire inside.

Pursuing your dreams and passions should be a number one on our list of must do. It’s the only way that you are not going to be waiting for the weekend to come or for vacation. You are going to be thrilled doing what you are doing because you love doing it.

The problem here is when we stop growing and routine becomes our norm. We start to worry about the future and forget to live the now. In planning for what’s to come, we lose time. Time is the ultimate price we pay in order to live up to the standards of society. What about living to our own standards? Who established that we have to be married by a certain age or otherwise we lose our train? Or who came up with the idea that we need a college diploma in order to be recognized by society? You see where I’m going with all this?

All these ideas are put in our minds since we were children. We grew up with them and assume that is the only way of action. Here is where you need to insert the new order of doing things. The what if of positivism. The sky is the limit. All what also as kids we were taught of make-believe.


Not Just Dreams

As little kids, we were taught that we could be whatever we wanted in life. We could paint pink horses because our parents didn’t want to kill our imagination. Somewhere in our growing up, that openness seemed to banished. We have to study for exams and have to have good grades so we can have a chance to go to a good college, not because we love learning. We have to play a sport because that would look good on our application papers, not because we love the sport. Learn to play an instrument because it helps with – you guessed it – our application papers.

I mean as parents we want the best for our kids, but somehow we translate our desires to them forgetting that is their lives. Just like our parents did with us. So the system becomes repetitive and manipulative. Some will break free for better, others for worst, and then some stay in there without even knowing they are part of a system.

It’s never late for a new start. You may be at the beginning, middle or late in life, you can regain the control of your life. Start living life, free of judgments. Doing what you have always dreamed of. Not just your dreams, but following your passion. Break free of what is holding you back. Let your potential shine. Be happy and stay happy.

May this New Year be the best of your life!

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  1. This post was dear to where I am at right now. I am beginning again, in a sense, because I am about to run our businesses full time. I am taking a chance and making a huge change that I feel will help me live the life I envisioned for myself years ago. Thanks for reminding to take this important step.

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