Give up your limiting belief

A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way. These beliefs may hold you back from taking chances, keep you blind to opportunities in your path, prevent you from accepting gifts offered to you, or simply keep you stuck focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances. This post is based on the article written by Allison Fallon.


Overcoming Them


The challenge with limiting beliefs is most of us don’t think we have them and they can be really hard to spot. To discover limiting beliefs, we must pay attention to patterns. Things we say or do on a daily basis that’s like second nature. For example, “I’m not good at dancing.”


To overcome your limiting belief the first step is discovering you have them. When you know and acknowledge your limiting belief as just that—a belief you can choose to change that is limiting you-you are on the right track.


Second, create new thought patterns, new affirmations to reroute your limiting belief. For example, “Dancing is fun and I am going to have fun dancing.”


Third, seek professional help. Sometimes our limiting beliefs are so deep-rooted that we need professional help to get rid of them.


One great tip to overcome limiting beliefs that Allison gives us is to do something new, create something you’ll be proud of. For example,  grow a garden, write a book, journal, write poetry, paint, design, engineer something, invent, innovate. This helps us manifest the life we can see in our heads and feel in our hearts but we can’t seem to make make a reality in our lives.


Living A Fulfilling Life


I am not an expert on this topic, but I find it very interesting. As is one of the first things we need to work on to start living a fulfilling life. One thing I have always believe in is that words have power, whatever you say with your mouth and you truly believe, it will come to be. A change in our mentality and in our attitude will create a new reality in our lives. I have to say, these changes do not happen over night. Just like any habit we need to work on them.


Also calling ourselves realistic, when in fact our actions are negative will set us back. Life is about opportunity. Finding opportunity in every situation is our challenge. Even in the worst situation, there’s an opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of. Take your time to reflect. Sometimes, all we need is to give a little quiet time to ourselves to find the answers we need.


In order to live a fulfilling life, you need to start by loving yourself. 


I’d love to hear from you. Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back? What are some steps you are taking to overcome them? Leave me a message in the comments.


Now go and kick those limiting beliefs out of your life!


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