Let’s Be More Like Kids

Let me tell you a little story and why we should be more like kids. This picture may seem just adorable, the twins looking out the window. But there is so much more to it.

Their daddy and big brother were working in the yard and as curious little ones they are, they wanted to be participants as well. After running around and getting all sweaty, I took them inside to refresh them. They still wanted to be outside…

After a little fit, they found the window. Oh, that window! But there was one problem. They couldn’t reach it. So naturally, they came to me for help, instead of holding them up so they could look out the window I asked them to do it for themselves.  Yes, I did!

I think of them as really bright little ones. They understand way too much (although there’s no such thing) and I knew they could figure it out by themselves. After several failed attempts to climb the window and realizing that that was not going to work, they picked up one pillow stood over it but was not working either. So mommy (me) gave them a hint and showed them the other pillow. To my surprise, they didn’t even blink and put it right on top of the other one and up they went.

Now they were tall enough to see out the window.

A proud moment for me!

Now every time they want to see out the window they just pick up the pillows and bam! outside world we see you!

This got me thinking about how they just wanted something so bad they didn’t think about the obstacle, instead, they focused on a solution. What they needed to do in order to achieve their goal. They worked together, they helped each other, they figured it out and got it done. Not looking out the window was not an option for them, so they didn’t give up. Perseverance, desire, want, all of those were the key. No knowledge involved.

How many times we as adults give up on ourselves just because the first time didn’t work out as planned? Or how many times do we quit because the obstacles overwhelmed us? Sometimes we simply let go of our dreams and goals because we are afraid of so many things: what people think, am I going to make a fool out of myself, what if, what if… to name a few.  So many excuses.

Stop! Just stop!

Let go of excuses and go for it! Whatever it is that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal, make it happen! My first language is not English, is Spanish, and here I am blogging in English. Making mistakes for sure, but learning from them and growing! That hasn’t limited me, it has challenged me. It makes me grow!

Don’t wait till you are “ready”, follow your instinct and stay true to yourself. Let’s be more like kids and have that sense of wonder, that passion, the mindset of fearless creativity, and be happy.

Leave me a message or send me an email if this story has inspired you to make a change. <3

Let’s be more like kids -  Edel Pace


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  1. Love this 💕 some kids are better than others when it comes to persevering, but overall they have such a spirit of trying and not giving up!!! A great example for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome Mara and thanks for stopping by! Kids are wonderful teachers. They all have grit in their own special way.

  2. I completely agree that we as adults need to be like children and find creative ways to succeed and achieve our goals. We are not always given the things we want in life, we need to work for them and think outside the box.

    1. That’s a great point, think outside the box. Children are not aware there is a box. We make that box as we grow up and try to adjust to society. Thanks for reading, Noel!

    1. Yes! You’re correct, Mrs. SBF. If only we pay attention and stop living a hurried life. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I pray every day for that, Kristin. Kids are so wonderful and we, parents, have a grand responsibility for their education and well-being. We learn more from them than they learn from us. Jesus himself called us to be more like little kids.

  3. Children are so honest, they always up for challenge, we as adult sometime has too much fear to take the challenge, even just a little one. I learn a lot from my kids as well, and hey I am bilingual too, I speak Indonesian for my first language, and lots of things to learn for the proper English.

    1. Hi Ina! I’m glad I’m not alone! So much to learn, isn’t it? Even in that aspect, my son teaches/corrects me when I make mistakes. We can learn so much from children if we allow ourselves to.

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