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“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books”, said the great Jorge Luis Borges. I on the contrary, just need to close my eyes. As a mom of two little ones that are the equivalent of 4, 8 pm comes around and I’m ready for some Zzz’s.


I love to read don’t get me wrong. But that reading time is always cut short. For one reason or another, reading has become a commodity nowadays – for me, at least. I love getting immersed in a book. Don’t you love those books that you just can not put down? Me too. Do you understand my pain now?


And don’t get me started on my biggest pet peeve, being interrupted repeatedly while attempting to reading. You sit down, open the book, your mind is ready for literary food and then… “mom!”, “Edel”, you hear crying or no noise at all, a delivery, a phone call, a text you must answer. Yes, it happens every single time.


Don’t judge me. I am not complaining. Just setting the table. Amidst all the interruptions that may occur, the reading must continue. As gonzo as my reading life seems, I get to read. I have to. The craziness should not be put as an excuse.


Books are a uniquely portable magic.



Don’t Judge A Book…


By its cover, another great adage about books. Books are everywhere and they are part of our life since the beginning. There’s that one book that makes us cry and laugh and feel all kind of emotions. Also, there is a book that makes us think of the similarities in our life to the one in the book. Or the one that takes us away on a journey only possible with a book. There’s always a book. And most of the time, there’s one book we didn’t think it was going to be special because of the cover but it ended up being a gem.


Tell me if I’m wrong, there is one book that marks us for life. That book that we hold dear to our hearts. It could have been childhood storybook or a masterpiece we read as adults. But there is one that has resonated with us and even as time passes by we still think of it. For me, it was “Cipotes” (Children) by Ramón Amaya Amador, a Honduran author. I read it when in elementary school and impacted me on how lucky I was for having all I had as a kid.


The book is centered in the lives of two siblings and their struggles to survive life. As a child I didn’t work, they did. I was not abused, they were. I was able to attend school, they were forced to leave it because they couldn’t afford it. The book is raw and true. It was published in 1963 and showcase the reality of children that have to endure adulthood as children, a reality that still persist in Honduras to this date. Unfortunately.


What book has changed/marked your life? I’m interested to know.



Reader’s Nook


When I started the blog, I wanted a space where I could talk about books. So I created a category called Reader’s Nook. In six months this is my first entry on it. I was afraid to talk about books. To give a review. The “what if’s” froze me. What if my review is not good or because of it I’m steering away someone that might have enjoyed that book.


Six months in and came to the conclusion that I have to listen to my own words. Just do it. It doesn’t matter if good or bad as long it is real and honest. We are allowed to disagree whether we like a book or not. So as of now, the category is officially open and I’m going to start giving reviews of books I have read.


I am committing to give honest and real reviews on books that I have bought, borrowed from the library (yes, I use the library) or gifted to me. I try to read all kinds of books, although lately, I have been reading mostly non-fiction, specifically self-development books. But also, enjoy a good novel.


I hope you stop by soon and read my reviews and give your thoughts about it. In the meanwhile, leave a comment. Tell me what are you reading now or give me a book recommendation.


There is no friend as loyal as a book.


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  1. Books are a great topic! I’m in a book club to encourage myself to get a little more reading done. A recent hot dinner topic was discussion about March’s pick – Little Fires Everywhere. Several moms in my group really had a lot to say about it! I need to catch up!

    1. Hi Lynn! I haven’t read that novel but writing it down to get it. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Book clubs are great. I am currently in two, one local and one online. As you said, to keep me on my toes when it comes to reading and not get comfortable about it.

      Thank you for stopping by! 💜

  2. Brilliant – another book blogger! The biggest problem is that are are always more to read and not enough time. All we get more of is a bigger To Be Read list! See you again soon

    1. Very true. My list keeps getting longer, longer and longer by the day. You added one more today, hahaha. I’ll keep seeing you around A.J.

  3. I’m a voracious reader – half the weight of the truck was boxes of books when we moved from Canada to the USA! You asked about the book that’s made the greatest impact on my life… right now, in the season of life I’m in, “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis heads up the list! Of course, every book, good or not-so-good has an impact. And if I were looking at the Bible as “just a book” then of course, it would be at the top of the list — but for me, the Bible is much more than a book. 😉

  4. Thanks for the great article, Edel. I’m a book person, too. I have 5 very tall bookcases stuffed and jammed full of books, all non-fiction, and not half of them read straight through. I need to be surrounded by books. They make me feel “comfy.”

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