Little Big Town Called Lebanon

I live in a relatively small but big in heart town called Lebanon. Located in Middle Tennessee, 25 minutes East of Nashville. When we first came here it was the first time I heard of the town. I fell in love with the town immediately. It was small but not that small, just big enough. The best asset, the people!



The people here in Lebanon are friendly and they go out of their way to help. I was not used to all this friendship, to tell the truth. Embraced it with open arms. Little gems called neighbors. When I moved to the United States, I lived in South Florida for 3 years. People there were not as friendly. I made good friends there, but none of them were my neighbors.


I have only seen this in the movies and shows where the neighbors bring you a baked good or that you befriend immediately other parents from your child school. Culture shock much? Maybe. But I’m a quick learner. Have you been or do you live in a town like mine?


Why I love Lebanon, Tennessee?

In no particular order.


  • Traditions. I like that people take pride in the town and they try to keep the traditions going. When a town starts growing, traditions get broken. People are friendly and have faith. There are multiple churches around town. Families stick together. You can feel the community.


  • Cracker Barrel. Do I need to say more? Well, it happens that Lebanon is the birth town of the beloved store. Go figured! The Headquarters are here and the first store ever opened – in the same place since 1969.


  • Wilson County Fair. Ok, I have to accept that I’m being biased because I love fairs. But this fair is a kick-ass one. You need to plan to come for this year! Voted as one of the best in the State.


  • Weather. Yes, for me it’s not that hot during the summer months or at least not as hot as in Florida. And not as cold during the winter months as it is on Rhode Island. We get to see some snow, not much to get depressed of, just enough to have fun with.


  • Music City aka Nashville. Is close enough to a big city to have all the amenities and a small town living.


  • Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Trying to get in touch with nature, look no further. You can go camping, there are stables for horses and a swimming pool opened during the summer month.


  • Music City Star, the train. If you don’t want to drive you can take the train to Nashville! How awesome is that?


  • My twins were born here. Will forever be a special place for me.



Bonus Reasons:

  • Last year we got to see the Solar Eclipse! Coolest thing ever to watch a great event from the comfort of your backyard.
Progression of the Solar Eclipse 2017.
  • For a small town, we got two High Schools and a University. Also two newspapers and a radio station.


  • To the East, close to Smokey Mountains and Dollywood.


  • To the West, close to Memphis, where you could take a tour of Graceland.


Tell me, does Lebanon sounds charming to you? It really is. Hope you have the chance to come and visit this neck of the woods.


Leave me a comment telling me about your town or you can send me an email.





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  1. I have only been to Tennessee once and that was to Nashville. I would love to come back and really explore the little towns. Thank you for sharing your lovely hometown, I hope to get there someday!

    1. You’re welcome, Tammy! Sure come on over. Tennessee is a beautiful state to explore. Lebanon should be a required stop. Let me know when you’re coming this way. 😉☺️

  2. Hi, Edel! I live in a very small town as well and I can relate to some fo the charm and friendliness you refered to in your post. There’s just something about small towns, isn’t there?

    I’ve been through Lebanon before, although I don’t think we stopped in, but I used to work for the Cracker Barrel in a neighboring town from here!

    1. Hi, Crystal! Absolutely, I love living in a small town. Hopefully, next time you come this way we could meet. ☺️😉

  3. We’re coming to your neck of the woods at the end of the month! Heading to Cosby for a wedding, gonna hit up some camping spots along the way, and going to Dollywood!

    1. That’s awesome, Kristi! If you are planning to stop here hit me up and let’s plan for coffee or Cracker Barrel. The east side of the state is beautiful, you are in for a great time!

  4. I live in Portland, OR and it’s just right for me. it’s a small city that has all the culture and food of a large city😊 What’s funny that is there is a town in Oregon called Lebanon. It’s small and charming similar to your Lebanon.

    1. Hi Heidi! That’s how I feel about Lebanon, small with all the convenience of a big city. Yeah, there’s around 43 Lebanon’s throughout the country. Small towns all of them.

  5. We drive through Tennessee on our way to Florida. Is that Cracker Barrel the one right next to the Christmas Tree farm, by any chance?

  6. Hey I wanna come visit! Sounds like a wonderful town. These days my priority is work. And more work. Once some things are in order, I’ll be able to think about traveling to places like this.

    1. Hi Terry! It is a wonderful place to live and visit. I understand, there’s time for everything. Just let me know when you’re coming this way.

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