Getting Things Done

If you are like me, sometimes I go around in circles before doing what I’m supposed to do. Not because I am avoiding doing it, but I like it to be done perfectly. Somehow in my mind, I think I need to plan to the last detail in order to get it right and get it done. Wrong! Yes, planning is important and is a must, but when it loses it purpose it becomes a liability to you and your work.


How it loses its purpose? You plan to plan, and even plan to plan to plan. Get my point? When you plan and the planning takes away all your efforts. That brings me to my motto, Start By Doing! Want to do something, get it done. Simply as do it, just start. Sometimes, I have to emphasize sometimes, no planning is required (at least to start).


To prevent this I came up with 7 things to help me in my routine and get things done. I hope they help you too!


7 Things You Can Do To Get Things Done


  • Progress Not Perfection. It’s ok to cringe at this one if you are a perfectionist. I am, so I know the feeling, but this one here is important to remember. Trying to have everything perfect will get you tire easily, why? Because perfection is also a synonym of sweating the small stuff. Is the small stuff that will consume your time instead of what matters the most. So, stop it!


  • Divide and conquer! That’s right. If you have a humongous goal that is overwhelming you. Divide it into small goals and make deadlines to achieve those small ones. You can go an extra mile here and give yourself a little reward a small goal is achieved. The sense of accomplishment will keep you going.


  • Create your zen zone. This is your workspace, free of distractions and with a calm relaxing environment. In other words, a stress-free zone where you will let your creativity flow.  Bring your coffee or tea and work in peace. Make sure that when you there, you will not be distracted by what’s going on in your house. Think of it as your me-time.


  • Break down your walls. Meaning is ok to ask for help. I understand that doing so is putting yourself in a vulnerability position. Who wants that? Right? Well, the thing is if you ask for help your show your humanity. You are not an island. No one is, we need others. We do things as a community, as a family. Learning from others that have walk similar paths. The support and knowledge you’ll gain from it will overwhelm you in a good way.


  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Like the racing horses that only look what’s in front of them, their eyes are on the road. We need to keep reminding yourself of the ultimate goal. Yes, that one, the one that will give you pride and joy. One step forward is one step ahead of where you were before. You’re going to be closer to your prize. Think of the sweet reward at the end.


  • Accountability works! When you share your goals with family and friends or even strangers, you gain accountability. Remember when in school, the grade you receive in your exam was the accountability. You will continue to study and doing homework to keep getting good grades. Well, in real life is no different. Our friends and family and strangers will keep us on our toes. By giving congratulatory comments on your advances or giving advice on how you can make it better, or just sharing their story with you. You are not alone!


  • Stay positive. I know, I know, you might be thinking “Here we go again”. I preach this because I live by it and it helps me. Even in the darkest hour, there’s a light. So no matter how swamp you are by all the chaos you might be going through, stay positive and look at bad breaks as an opportunity.


What other things you could add to this list to get things done? Would like to hear from you! Leave me a comment below or better yet let’s become friends, join me!





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  1. Thanks Edel. One of my problems is getting things done. “So much time. so little to do!”
    Ha ha. I wish though. The level of things to get done some days is overwhelming, and then none of it gets done. Keeping focused on one task and finishing it is something I’m trying to work on.

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