The Disappointment of a Failed Plan

How many times happens that things do not go your way? Too many times to count. Not all things come in the way we want.  Do you feel disappointed? Probably you do. Would you call it a failure? Probably as well. We all go through those moments. But should we really treat them as a disappointment?


Our Nature


It is in our nature to be pessimistic.  We tend to see first the negative. Probably you would even feel guilty for feeling that way. But, you see, it’s natural. One good news is that we are able to change that. We can retrain our brains to start thinking in a more positive way.


No, it’s not easy. It takes 21 days to adopt a habit. If we start to think positive every time we caught ourselves thinking in a negative way, it will become a habit to do so. But what we need is to train the brain to think positive from the start. Not as a correction of negative thoughts.


Here is were gratitude enters the main stage. In order to put in motion positive thought in our brain, we first need to be grateful for the life and things we have at this moment. When we acknowledge that and appreciate them, it will become a habit.


It will, by no means, make things happened as a magic trick. But sure it helps to have a better attitude toward all things that come to you, good or bad.


A Frustrated Plan


As part of my 2018 goals, I have to write a blog post entry every single day. Well, I haven’t been doing it. You might think she lied or she is a failure. But, the thing is that as another goal of mine, I have to write X amount of words each day. That I have done. Not all of the days I have blog post material to share with you. I  have written them, so my practice has been done.


And as it happens, life gets in the way as well. Not making excuses. Just learning how and where to make adjustments to better handle the situations next time. Life is of constant learning. Ups and downs. It will never let you have a dull moment. But that is what makes life so interesting. Not knowing what is to come to us.


While my plan/goal got in a wreck, I have been learning other things that probably I wouldn’t have learned if things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. So for that, I’m grateful.




Instead of blasting off my mind, I redirect my effort to a new path. As I say to my son, you are not a tree you can move. We can make a change on course, adjust to a new situation and carry on the best we can.


So if you are in a situation where you got out of your course, get back on it. The mind will try to play tricks of blame and shame on you. Stay strong and get back at it with your head up high. Why? Because you have learned your lesson.


You had a weight loss program and fell off the wagon, grab your plan and continue. Today is a good day to start.  What about those savings plans you had, but instead you started spending? Start today, if you wait to start you will lose more money so why wait. Was your goal to start a gratitude journal (since they are so popular now), but you failed to do so during the month of January, well February is a good month to start. There’s always something to be grateful about.


Don’t wait! Just start and you will feel better about yourself and that task will become easier. Do not think of disappointments, think of achievements. It might take you longer than expected, but as long as you continue to move forward you are better than being stuck in the middle of nowhere.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ~ Helen Keller



Move forward






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  1. I love this post! The redirect section especially, “We can make a change on course, adjust to a new situation and carry on the best we can. I am big on goals and powering toward them so when things don’t turn out as I planned I get very disappointed. “

  2. Good advice on the subject! I myself have found that having a schedule made out at all times helps me. Not just in the physical sense, but the mental one as well. If I know what is on my agenda, I can mentally prepare for it as well.

  3. One blog post a day is definitely an ambitious goal! But yes, action is better than procrastination…something I need to remind myself of on occasion. 🙂

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