A Beautiful Art: Communication

“Communication is a science, not an art”, said my son. “Why not art?”, I inquired. Without a blink, he responded, “Because art should be beautiful and meaningful.”   The words uttered by a 13-year-old boy on a casual Tuesday afternoon started a deep conversation on how we communicate and why is so important to learn how to. All of this […]

What Taking Time Off Taught Me

The month of July was full of potential. I had set goals on a personal and work level. Right off the bat, my plans went to the trash can. It was evident that I needed some time off, take a step back and regroup.   When faced with problems you have two options: 1. Deal with them. 2. Go to […]

Let’s Talk About Books

“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books”, said the great Jorge Luis Borges. I on the contrary, just need to close my eyes. As a mom of two little ones that are the equivalent of 4, 8 pm comes around and I’m ready for some Zzz’s.   I love to read don’t get me wrong. But that reading time […]

Why The Name Pacemaker Blog

Today I would like to explain why I named my blog Pacemaker.  But before I get to it, let me start by explaining why I didn’t name the website that name. The website name Pacemaker Blog was taken. And after playing with the name I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the variations. That’s why I decided to use my […]

12 Powerful Bible Verses

Perhaps you have read the Bible and felt that certain words just stuck with you. Today, I’d like to share 12 powerful Bible verses that I treasure deeply. There are many more, since every time I read the Bible there’s a word for me there.   If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our […]

On Starting a Blog

I decided to start a blog because I want to share my thoughts with the world. Not that I am an expert in anything, far from it. Not scientific methods or any similar things. I’m just a woman that has things to say, that has been in tough situations and have overcome them. Sharing what has worked for me. Just that. […]

A Philosophical Twit

Earlier this month I got a comment where I was called philosophical twit. Best compliment ever. I could not read in the tone it was expressed if it was that or as a mockery. Either way, I took it the best way possible and let me tell you: I love it! A great name for a blog! Wink wink. It […]

Take Care Of Yourself

Usually, we do not take good care of ourselves. We leave ourselves for last. If you are a mom reading this, please take care of yourself. You are important to your family. They need you. That’s why is important for you to improve your self-esteem. Scratching your head? Yes, self-esteem and taking care of yourself are in a direct relationship. […]

The Disappointment of a Failed Plan

How many times happens that things do not go your way? Too many times to count. Not all things come in the way we want.  Do you feel disappointed? Probably you do. Would you call it a failure? Probably as well. We all go through those moments. But should we really treat them as a disappointment?   Our Nature   […]

Little Big Town Called Lebanon

I live in a relatively small but big in heart town called Lebanon. Located in Middle Tennessee, 25 minutes East of Nashville. When we first came here it was the first time I heard of the town. I fell in love with the town immediately. It was small but not that small, just big enough. The best asset, the people!   […]