Books on the Go!

How do you carry your books on the go? A suitcase just for your books? Your spouse won’t be so happy about it unless she/he got one of his own. Thanks to technology, we have “hacks” that make our life more comfortable, and in this particular case, our reading life more effortless. I’m talking about reading apps.  I prefer to […]

Food for Thought

My love for the phrase ‘Food for Thought’ is enormous. (Yes, I used the word enormous because the word huge is overrated.) Is one of those phrases that are blasted out daily not only to my teenage son, who is going through the know-it-all phase but also to myself. When I need to ponder deeply into specific thoughts, the phrase […]

No Correct Way to Grieve

It has been a while since I wrote here on the blog, about five months. There is no valid excuse; however, the time off helped me heal. During my time off, I learned that there’s no correct way to grieve. Last November, I lost my grandmother. She was more than that; she was my mom, my rock. The roller coaster […]

Two Bloggers Everybody Should Know About

You may think I am overstating the title or doing a click-bait. No. I am serious about these two. In fact, you may have heard of them. No restraint on their words. One writes with uncanny wit and the other with unapologetic sharpness. I’m talking about José Saramago and Ursula K. Le Guin.   Both writers turn bloggers at the […]

Type 1 Playlist: 80’s Edition

Type 1 Diabetes is hard to live with, but looking at the bright side of things is always a great way to overcome struggles and using music is a must to my belief. If you are not familiar with Type 1 Diabetes, you can read info about it here, here, and here. I live with this disease since almost 4 years ago, […]

Reading and a Quartet of Books

Have you ever begin to read a book and you don’t feel the connection? Reading is more than a connection and books are more than medium. Our first instinct is to blame the book or the author: “Not a good book,” “I didn’t like it,”  “The author is bland,” whatever your expression we start ramming against the ones without a […]

Once Upon a Blog

Once upon a time, there was a blog that started with a mission to share the owner’s interests about what she felt a burning passion.

My Word of the Year 2019

The Word of the Year is a big deal, not because it is a trend nowadays, but because it represents you. The way you want to live this year will be a reflection of that word.  Last year I chose the word Challenge, and oh boy do I challenged myself and the universe play along with me and challenged me as […]

A Story About Goals

New Year, New Goals. That’s how it goes, right? So, let’s talk about goals. First, if you are looking for a post about how to set goals, I am sorry this is not it. I can recommend you this post by my friend Linda from Witte’s World, she will show you how to set your S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Now that we have […]

2019 Book Reading Challenge

If you love to read, I would like to invite you to join me in this challenge and lets read 52 books during 2019. No shame involved if you don’t read 52 books. To be honest, I am not sure I will be able to achieve such a challenge, but I for sure try my best. This list is just to help […]