A Story About Goals

New Year, New Goals. That’s how it goes, right? So, let’s talk about goals.

First, if you are looking for a post about how to set goals, I am sorry this is not it. I can recommend you this post by my friend Linda from Witte’s World, she will show you how to set your S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Now that we have that out of the way, if you are looking for a great story about crushing goals and be crushed by goals, then, you are in the right place. I promise it will be worth your time.


Last year, I started with my hopes high, way up my head. I figured, well, I can do that, and by that I mean everything. I planned for everything, I even had a backup plan in case my primary plan fails or I have an unexpected situation. Let me say, I felt I can conquer the world. January went by like a summer breeze although it was colder than a dog nose. Cupid brought February and its love promises once again, as my plans got a smack in the butt in hopes to bring up the lust between them and me. And just like that, we jump into March madness with a leprechaun blessing.

Without noticing, I got tired. Physically, mentally and my soul was longing home.

April came pouring a dressing of enthusiasm in me. And so did life and all the unexpected things I had tried, in vain, to prepared for. Sickness after sickness, pain after pain, tear after tear, all came with one purpose, test me. Test my strength and faith. Remaining strong was a challenge, just like my word for the year for 2018. Ironically, I felt I put myself in that position. I wanted to challenge myself for more, I wanted to live to my fullest. All of it was good! It was just one thing I did not realize then, it was ok to take a step back.

One Step Back

We all have heard it, one step back not even to gain momentum. Well, from my experience, if you need to take one step back, or two, it is ok. We are not God, to control the sun and moon, to make rain at our pleasure. But we can have Him as our rock. We can not control illness, unexpected situations, accidents or time, but we can control how to manage ourselves when they knock on our door. Time is constant, and we choose how we can use it.

By the time June rolled in, I was broken. My soul was disconnected from my body. Even more, I was trying hard to hold on… to not fall apart. I am a mother and wife, I take care of all and the house, help my husband with his business, and homeschool. We do not have family nearby, our closest relatives are more than a thousand miles away. I have a few friends but not friend-friends to hang and talk about ourselves, most of my friends are far away. I was longing for time with friends and family. Screaming for a hug. And to top it, I got myself into the blogosphere, with all its demands and social media pressure.

Was I crazy?

Yes, I was. So crazy, I went back to school too.


Plans and Fire

Now, you may be thinking what does this have to do with goals?

We plan and plan and make our best to achieve those plans (goals). You see plastered all over the internet inspiration about following your dreams and achieving your goals. All you find is pretty layouts but not the ugly truth behind them. To achieve your goals and make your plans a reality, you have to go through fire.

Yes, fire.

You make sacrifices that at the end will pay off handsomely if you remain strong on your purpose.

So whatever your goals for this year are, be prepared to work hard for them. sweat like you have never done before because they will give you a run for your success. On the other hand, be prepared to feel the rush of adrenaline on your body when you achieved them and get transported to cloud nine.


There is no linear way to the top, the road to success is full of hidden speed bumps waiting to be discovered. Nonetheless, they will provide a lesson you will need in the road ahead. Moreover, you may give up a goal in order to achieve other. Even more, your goal could change completely midway your journey. And guess what? All is ok! it is all part of growing. Never think that you have been defeated, because you are not.

In the end, the remaining six months of the year were a blurred. I did not achieve all my goals, some morphed into something else, I got to feel proud of myself for achieving some very important ones, and also got to experience defeat, which is also called a lesson. Above all, I gained a new perspective on things which I’m going to apply this new year. So, does planning work? Yes! but also be open to change. Be like a liquid and go with the flow. Adapt!

One last thing, always keep close to your heart the reason why you started, and no matter what happens, remain positive that good times are ahead.

My friend, my wish is for you to achieve all your plans and that at the end of the year after you have gone through the fire, you’ll be the most beautiful piece of art.


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  1. Well said. A lot of gurus and experts say things like, “don’t look back you aren’t going that way,” or “just keep moving, as long as you’re moving you’ll get there.” Sometimes we have to stop moving, and sometimes we have to turn around and go back a step or three. You said it well. Happy new year.

    1. Thank you, Nita! Sometimes the word still must be used. We have to keep still and listen. Happy New Year for you too!

  2. Edel, it is nice to meet you through the UBC, I am working on redefining how to achieve my goals for my blog as well and hope I can get there by the end of this new year..
    looking forward to reaching goals..

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