My Word of the Year 2019

The Word of the Year is a big deal, not because it is a trend nowadays, but because it represents you. The way you want to live this year will be a reflection of that word.  Last year I chose the word Challenge, and oh boy do I challenged myself and the universe play along with me and challenged me as well. At some point, I wished I didn’t choose that word, but the truth is I am glad I did.

2018 was a challenge from beginning to end, and without the right mentality, I would not have survived it. When you are in a challenge you have to be strong, stay true to your convictions, and most of all have courage. Hence, all the challenges I faced last year allowed me to grow, so my purpose for the word was accomplished. Also, along the way, I learned many other words like patience, acceptance, calm, chaos, and fire among others.


For this New Year, my word is Health. The word health involves more than just a healthy body; it also includes spiritual and mental health; a much-needed trio this year. One important thing I learned last year was that all three aspects must be balanced and none can be ahead of the others. They are all equals.

I need health to enjoy life and to enjoy my family and friends. With this intention, I am setting my bar high. I want to have a sound mind, a graceful soul and a strong body. The need comes from a place deep inside that calls for a change, something is not working anymore like it uses to.

As some of you may know, I have Type 1 Diabetes, and lately, it has been a struggle to manage it. Putting stress on my body, making me feel tired all the time and causing my mind to go dormant; just an example of how the three aspects work together. So, to achieve good health, I don’t just need to take care of my body, but of my mind and soul too.

What does health body, mind, and soul mean? Let’s find out.

Healthy Body

Taking care of your body is not just exercising, eating healthy food, or drinking more water. It also includes loving your body, accepting the flaws it has, getting plenty of sleep, pampering yourself – whenever possible- to a spa day (it can be at home too!), making yourself feel pretty. I know you may think is superficial, but it is not. It is necessary to give your body a break.

Moms will love this one: what do you do after you cook on your favorite pot/pan? You wash it carefully, dry it, and with an attentive move, you put it away. Don’t you? Think of your body as that pot. If we don’t take care of it, some enough it will need to be discarded. Our body is the same. And by the way, we can’t run to the store to buy a new body. What we have is what have. We can preserve it by taking care of it.

But please, don’t follow what everybody else is doing. I mean this in a good way. You can follow, but make it your own. Like making a recipe you saw on TV, and you add new ingredients and take off some others, and your family ends up loving that dish. Yes, like that. Do things based on your current situation and where you want to be.

Healthy Mind

Nurturing our minds is primal. Whatever we feed our mind is what we are going to be thinking and talking. The reason why it is so important to know what we want, because if something does not contribute or is in line with your convictions, why waste time on that?

Learn new things, re-learn things, teach what you have learned, expand your mind. I am not talking about not watching TV ever again, but if you find yourself watching four hours of TV and neglecting other things that need your time. To be fair is not just watching TV, it can be anything, from focusing too much on blogging for example, on social media, on taking mini-courses you find online, and you can’t even remember why you are doing them.

It is all about balance. Yes, to get better at something you need practice but when it becomes an obsession and leave no time for anything else, then, there is a problem. There’s a fine line we need to be aware of and be able to recognize. Sometimes, staying still is a good break for our minds to strengthen.

Healthy Soul

The way you cultivate your soul will make you or break you. Have you ever feel happy then something happens and your alter ego takes control? While you are left with, that’s not me and do not even know why? It is your soul trying to tell you something. I won’t gobble down your throat religion or discipline, because that is something particular to you. But it is necessary for a healthy soul to get reconnected with the inner self.

I pray, read a verse and let His word talk to me. You can do yoga or any other kind of meditation. It is up to you.

The primary goal here is for our soul to remain calm and hopeful even in the worst possible situations. The light inside of us needs to shine bright and to stay resilient. That will be the only way for us to achieve joy in our life. The only way we may embrace our feelings, all of them, without them affecting our life. We can embrace sadness and experience it, but not dwell on it; we will be able to “move on.”

word of the year

Cheers to a year full of Health!

All in all, I will be working on my health, to be a better parent, a better wife, a better daughter, a better friend, a better blogger, you name it. Herophilus said it better:

[bctt tweet=”When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. ~ Herophilus #quote” username=”pacemakerblog”]

My friends, whether for this year you work for your goals or your word, work for you. Make you and the ones you love the most a priority. Enjoy your time and make lots of memories! Cheers!


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  1. Health is definitely very important. I’ve been putting it on the back burner and need to start taking care of myself. I can’t take care of my littles if I don’t.

    1. So true, Jennifer. Our loved ones should motivate us to move forward and better ourselves in all areas. Cheers for a healthy year!

  2. I do a word of the year too. You did a great job of explaining what it is and why you selected yours. I was introduced to the idea several years ago. Health is a great word to apply to all aspects of life, good choice. My word this year is forward, to move forward in life, in improving my health, in building my business, living in general.

    1. Thank you, Nita! I love your word. It embraces multiple facets of life, mostly I love your living in general part. Sometimes we get trapped on the wheel and forget to truly live. Best wishes to you!

    1. That’s great, Vidya! Small baby steps are the best to get you started. You already did by establishing it a priority. May you achieve your healthy goal!

  3. I love your word choice for word of the year 2019. Health is so important and can encompass more than just your body. I like that you pointed out healthy mind and healthy soul, which I think are just as important. It is something I need to work on too. I tend to put others before myself, a lot of the time, and I realize I can’t be there for my family if I don’t love on myself some too.

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